Frac is a Layer 1.5 WIFI (Web3.0 Infrastructure Framework Integrator)

Frac serves as the infrastructure for all Web2.0 enterprises, looking to come into Web3.0.

Using $FRAC as the single token for infrastructural access, for both Enterprises and End Users

Our Niches

Frac specializes in multiple niches.
It's all about focus.
How it works
Your brand, our technology.
We deploy a fractionalisation platform with your company's brand, for your customers. Supported by the $FRAC ecosystem.

> Easy deployment of full suite tokenisation/fractionalization technology in 30 days.

> 1/100 of the costs needed, as compared to building your own platform.

> You focus on what you love about your business and leave the infrastructure/technology to us.

> Get market adoption of your blockchain products, fast.

Our partners and investors

Asset Owners

→ Platform to fractionalise your assets
→ User-friendly onboarding of assets
→ Create primary/initial asset offerings
→ On-chain tracking of asset to build trust


→ Keep custody of your funds and tokens
→ Access to previously inaccessible assets
→ Fast, secure transactions using blockchain technology

Meet the team

Talk to Frac.

You might be excited about a tokenized/fractionalized future just like we are. Let's have a cup of coffee (virtual or physical) and chat more.
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