We're building the investment tool of the future for fractors and traders alike.

What is frac?
We are building the future of Barter-Trading.

A good gemstone isn't just a girl's best friend, they can be everyone's best friend if you ever had the chance to invest into them! Gemstones can appreciate as much as 5-8% per annum! Leading the gemstone space in terms of value and growth potential, are rubies, sapphires and emeralds! Look out for those coming to you, right here on the F-NFT marketplace/DEX!

Introductory Video
Watch this video now to learn how Frac's F-NFT DEX works! We guarantee you will like what you see!
How does frac work?
fractionalized are traded in bit sizes.
Our Investors and Partners

Meet the investors and partners of Frac, and yeap the number of investors and partners is always increasing, kinda reminds you of fractionalization, doesn't it?

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Are you a fractor?
Why you should frac?
  • 1 Simple and step by step on-boarding flow
  • 2 Insurance and valuator concierge service
  • 3 IAO (Initial Asset Offering) with vaulting or non-vaulting period
Are you a trader?
Why should you trade fractional nfts on physical/virtual assets?
  • 1 Asset backed investments
  • 2 Access to previously inaccessible assets
  • 3 Ability to redeem assets in real life
Frac F-NFT
Trade Fractional NFTs of physical assets against each other or against other digital assets!
Coming Soon
Diamond Alpha
Use Fractional NFTs of diamond seeds to profit from value created when diamond seeds are grown
Crypto's Ark
Community which promotes crypto learning for new entrants to the crypto space.
Coming Soon
Diamond Laboratories
Use Fractional NFTs of diamond seeds to profit from value created when diamond seeds are grown
Staking Benefits
More Benefits
Mailback Discounts
Use FRAC tokens as a payment currency and save 10% discount on mailback fees.

For every transaction that occurs (buying/selling of F-NFTs), 0.4% of the gross transaction value will be allocated as Fractor rewards. These rewards are in the form of FRAC tokens, which are obtained via buy back from pancakeswap or any other DEX with FRAC tokens being listed.

Meet The Team

Behind every great product is a GREAT TEAM!
We know it's kinda cliche,
but well,
some things just don't change!

Melvin Tan
Japhet Lim
Co-CEO, Operations & Products
Ryan Lim
Co-CEO, Growth & Strategy
Jason Fong
Business Development Lead
Maiko Yamamoto
Internal Operations Lead
Eugene Ling
Design Director
Nicholas Tan
Compliance Lead
Yong Chin Bing
Partnerships Lead
Wayne Yia
Special Projects Lead
Naomi Hasegawa
Digital Strategy Lead
Jeanne Lim
Public Relations Deputy Lead